One Month in the Land Down Under

Today (Sunday) marks exactly one month of being in Australia! It’s weird to think that I’ve been here that long already; time is really flying! Only three months and seven days before I return home… time to make each day count!

This morning when I went to mass at St. Mary’s it was not only a celebration for the Assumption of Mary feastday, but it was also the church’s 150th anniversary. The place was packed and the archbishop of Brisbane said mass, which was very lovely. There was tons of food and dessert to eat after mass, but I decided to head back to my apartment instead of sticking around since I didn’t really know anyone and I’m awkward. When I got back, I made myself some eggs, sunnyside up, and coffee for breakfast. I have to say that my ability to cook breakfast has pretty much been mastered. That should be useful in the real world…


After breakfast, I did some homework. By that I mean that I wrote 400 words of an essay over a three hour period because I was procrastinating so much. At least I started my assignment well before its due. Around 1:30 Carla, Kelley, and I decided to go to a local restaurant thats competing on a reality TV show called Restaurant Revolution. While we haven’t watched it (yet) the show basically gives people a chance to start their own restaurant and they compete each week for money to make their restaurant better. The grand prize is $200,000 to go towards their restaurant. There are five teams competing, each from a different city: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

The restaurant we went to is called Puerto and its an East meets Mexican restaurant. The people who started it used to own a taco truck, so this is an upgrade. All their food was based on their travels through Asia and Latin America, so we had some high expectations. The place is small (seats about sixty people) so we had to wait a half an hour for a table. We decided to walk down the street and check out some sort of Asian street festival while we waited. We ended up getting some dumplings to share, since it was now after 2 and we were getting hungry. When we did finally get to eat lunch, I ordered a goat curry that turned out to be VERY good. I’d never had goat before, but I think it can be likened to beef that might go in stew or stroganof. It was served with radish and white rice and wasn’t spicy, just savory and tender. We were all satisfied with our choices and may have to make a trip back there.



After a very long and tiring day of eating, I’m winding down with a cup of tea and Dracula. Tomorrow does not promise to be exciting at all since its chore day (woohoo), but hopefully Tuesday will bring something interesting. I’m making plans for my spring break trip (turns out I’ll get two spring breaks this year), so once its all booked I’ll go for the big reveal.

Goodnight from Australia!



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