Byron, Nimbin, and Finally Home

My last day in Byron Bay (Sunday) consisted mostly of shopping while we waited for our friends to sky dive. After checking out of our hostel, we had a few hours to walk around and look at the local shops. There were lots of cool things to see, and I probably spent way to much on souvenirs and gifts. Some notable purchases included carved wooden earrings, a new sundress, a boomerang made by an aboriginal artist, and some beanies (because the little hispter in me forgot to pack any from home). The girls and I also stopped at a sandwich shop for “toasties”, or toasted sandwiches. I got one with bacon, avocado, tomato, and feta; it was absolutely delicious! The wall of the sandwich shop was plastered with different memes, pictures, and quotes, which was a very cool aesthetic and made for an interesting read.




After leaving Byron, our next stop before home was Nimbin, a hippie town that’s pretty much stuck in the sixties. Being as such, just about everyone there had a complete disregaurd for the fact that marajuana is illegal; at least three people tried to sell me some as I walked down the street (I declined). There were also plenty of shops where everything was made out of hemp. Since sky diving had taken longer than expected, we were behind schedule and only got to spend a half hour seeing the town. This was apparently plenty of time for people to get “souvenirs”… I’m sure their bus ride home was very relaxing.


Even the bathrooms screamed "hippie"

After my long weekend, I spent Monday being a bum and catching up on my homework. The girls and I wrapped up our night by watching the Australian Spelling Bee (which is pretty much the most dramatic spelling bee I’ve ever encountered), Good Will Hunting, and eating burgers, courtesy of Chef Claudia.


On Tuesday I had class, which always ends up being interesting. I have a three hour break between Drama and English, so I spent some time sitting on campus, reading in the sun. It was a gorgeous day (no clouds and 74 degrees) so I was a happy camper; I may have even gotten some color. When I went to the bathroom before class, I saw a little gecko on the wall of the bathroom stall. Being a biology major and huge nerd, I obviously snapped a pic and proceeded to identify him. I think he’s a common house gecko (an invasive species from Asia) but I’m going to confirm that with the people from Nudgee Beach tomorrow.


Today (Wednesday) is a public holiday for EKKA, the Royal Queensland Show. Its basically like a huge state fair that lasts for ten days; there are competitions, rides, food, animals, and musicians. Lots of businesses and schools were closed, so I didn’t have to go to my internship today. We did not end up going to  EKKA, which was probably good because there ended up being a thunderstorm in the middle of the day. I did have to go out and get my groceries though (woohoo), but managed to miss the storm by about 20 minutes. I also got my first “iced coffee” while I was out. Essentially, iced coffee here is coffee ice cream with milk poured over the top. It was decadent; 10/10 will have again.


The rest of today will be rather lazy, but we do plan on cooking dinner as we watch The Bachelor. Claudia will be making chicken quesadillas and I’ll be making some guacamole to go with them. The goal is to be somewhat proficient at cooking by the time we leave here.

I uploaded some pictures of the beach from this weekend on Facebook, if anyone is inclinded to check them out. As always, thanks for reading!



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