Australian Art and Potato Soup

This morning I had my first battle with the alarm clock. I set my alarm much earlier than I needed to be up, so that didn’t stop me from hitting snooze three times and eventually going back to sleep for an extra 30 minutes after that. Luckily, I was able to get up with just enough time to change and make the fifteen minute walk to mass. I’m hoping I don’t have a similar struggle during the week when I have to get on a train to go to class!

After church, I bought myself a coffee and muffin at cowch, the cafe I visited the first weekend I was in Brisbane. However, today I realized that the name “cowch” had nothing to do with couches and everything to do with COWS. I only realized this after looking up and seeing udder shaped lamp shades hanging from the ceiling. This place is apparently more invested in its ice cream than I thought, so I’ll have to try it sometime.

After lunch, I decided to walk down the street to the Queensland Art Gallery (QAG). Most of the exhibits in the gallery are free, so I spent three hours looking at work by Australian and Asian artists. Some of my favorite pieces included a full sized fiberglass elephant covered in bindis titled The skin speaks a language not its own, an oil portrait of a young man titled The Cypriot, and another oil on canvas titled Study for ‘The spirit of the new moon‘. I also paid to see an exhibit about photography in Australia. It was really cool to look at old photographs of Australian landscapes and people. My favorite pictures were the daguerreotype portraits; these photgraphs are printed on a polished piece of copper, or silver plated copper. The effect makes the image look like it could move at any moment; like a movie about to play. The subject of a lot of the photographs were aboriginal peoples, so I learned some history as well. I may have to return to this gallery before my time here is up.

I got back to my apartment at 4:30, and an hour later was ready for dinner. Since I did so much shopping yesterday, I decided that I would cook something. I settled on making potato soup (mostly because I bought potatos yesterday and didn’t really know what to do with them). I found a simple recipe online and ran to the corner store to get some onions and whole milk, which seemed to be the only things I hadn’t bought already. I didn’t really follow the recipe too strictly… The little Italian in me also decided that eyeballing my measurements and adding a few extra ingredients was fine. In the end, the whole thing was constructed out of potatos, carrots, onions, chicken broth, pepper, and whole milk. I could give you the recipe, but none of it was exact and that’s also a pretty boring read.



I paired my masterpiece with the bread I bought and called it a meal. It was actually pretty good for my first time cooking something like this. Next time, I think I will add celery and not use so much pepper. Still, I’m proud that it wasn’t a total flop.

My flatmates are all back in one piece and have been telling me about their beautiful weekend. I’m hoping that means they’ll want to go back to the Sunshine Coast with me sometime before the semester ends. Tomorrow I will be responsible and do some homework and chores (after I sleep in, of course).

Until then!



2 thoughts on “Australian Art and Potato Soup

  1. Have read them all so far, and every one is so entertaining and informative. Just love following your adventures, Luisa, even when they seem pretty mundane to you. Love you lots. G’ma Forger

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