West End Markets

This morning (Saturday), I decided to go to the West End Markets on the other side of town. Its approximately a 28 minute walk from my apartment to Davies Park where the market runs every Saturday morning from six am until two pm. Since it was a gorgeous day outside (sunny and 70), I decided that the walk was worth it; maybe I would catch a bus back. I strapped on my sneakers, grabbed my shopping bags, loaded google maps, and was off by 11am.

I arrived at the market around 11:30 and decided that I would walk through the whole thing and make purchases as I went. There were dozens of stands; people were selling everything from bread, cheese, and produce to handmade jewelery and clothes. There was even a section of the market where you could by meals for breakfast or lunch (everything smelled amazing in that area!). I saw several people playing instruments as well, including a couple on violins who sounded fantastic. For an hour I waded through shoppers and picked out tons of food, looking for the best prices I could. I even treated myself to some peach iced tea (which came in a mason jar) from the “Iced Tea Man”. Apparently they have a location close to my apartment and if I bring the mason jar back they’ll give me a refill for only $2. At 12:30 when I made my final purchase (and had filled two and a half canvas grocery bags) I decided that it was time to head home.

Since it was still beautiful out (just a tad hotter) I decided that I would walk back and figure out the bus system next weekend. By one I was unloading my spoils on the kitchen counter. I walked away with five things of cheese, a loaf of fresh bread, a jar of honey, a dozen eggs, and a mess of fruits and vegetables for only fifty bucks. Being very hungry at this point, I broke into some of the brie and bread while I put everything away. I was not disappointed with my choice. Yum, yum!


After lunch, I had every intention of going to Coles to get the rest of my non produce purchases. However, there must have been an accident or construction being done on the train tracks or something, because the train station was closed off and no one was able to use them. The bus system was running, but I didn’t trust that I’d easily be able to get to my destination as I’m not very familiar with it yet. Instead, I went to the Food Mart (more like a convenience store… so pricy!) down the street to get a few neccessities and went home. I ended up watching My Girl in the living room and bawling my eyes out. By myself. Pathetic.

Later in the evening I went to the gym and made myself breakfast for dinner using the foods I purchased today. I made scrambled eggs with spinach, topped with colby cheese and set on toast. It was obviously the work of a culinary master. Since I’m in for the night with the apartment to myself, I’ll probably end up watching some movies or terrible Australian television. With wine, of course.


Tomorrow I’m going to try and visit one of the museums in the area after church. My flatmates will be returning in the afternoon/evening, but I’m sure they’ll be quite exhausted. I should probably also do some reading for my classes, but I have all day on Monday to get that done. I want to give a special shout out to Mom and Dad, who sent me a package with some stuff I forgot, and some love.

Good moring, America!



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