Gold Coast: Day 3

Yesterday (Sunday) was the longest day ever. It started when I got up at 6am to watch the sunrise with the girls. It was absolutely spectacular to see. Pictures won’t do it justice, but I’ll post a few anyway.





After the sunrise, I decided to go to a nearby church for mass. Mass was lovely and I was even asked to present the gifts with a cute little old lady. Not a bad way to kick off my Sunday. I grabbed some breakfast before heading back to my hotel to finish packing and check out.

Now our check out was at 10am, but we were not being picked up until 3pm. Whoever planned this trip must have hated us. We ended up walking around with our bags all afternoon, or rather, sitting on the beach with all of our stuff. We all just wanted to go back to urbanest and we slowly counted down the hours as they passed. Finally, we were picked up and arrived at the apartment at 4:30pm. The first thing I did was take a much needed shower and eat some food. After that, I began to feel like a real person again.

Our night concluded by watching the first part of the Master Chef Australia finale. Australian TV is generally pretty bad, but for some reason my flatmates and I have become hooked on this show. We will obviously watch part two of the finale tonight.

I don’t have class today (Monday), so I have plenty of time to relax and mentally/emotionally prepare myself for school tomorrow. I’m feeling a little better as far as allergies go, so here’s hoping that trend continues!

That’s all I have to report from over here. Tune in tomorrow to hear about my first day of classes!



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