Gold Coast: Day 1

Last night (Thursday) the girls and I had a quiet night in preparation for our visit to the Gold Coast for the weekend. We saw Paper Towns at the movie theater down the street from us. We only paid $8.5 AUD for our tickets, which was awesome in itself. The movie was also very good and quite true to the book. Kudos, John Green.

This morning (Friday) our group in the Fairfield program was bussed eastward to the Gold Coast. The area we are staying in, called Surfer’s Paradise, is pretty much a party town filled with restaurants, clubs, and about fifty bottle shops. Our hotel is… less than spectacular, so I’m kind of glad that we only have to sleep here for two nights.


After grabbing some lunch this afternoon, we went to a place called Skypoint. After riding an elevator up 77 stories, we were able to see about 60km in each direction, giving us an amazing view of the city. Even on this cloudy day there was so much to see!



After we had seen enough at Skypoint, we decided to hit the beach. Although it was only in the upper 60s today, the water was about the same temperature, so a quick dip was not out of the question. I really understand why they call this place Surfer’s Paradise now; all you see when you look out to the water is wave after wave after wave. I got knocked over by a few waves when I was only up to my knees! The water was also crystal clear; absolutely beautiful!


Tonight, most of out party decided to go out on a tour of the area’s clubs and bars. Desiring a quieter night, my friends, Jess and Claudia, and I decided that we wanted to explore the area sober. We went to a street fair on the water where we got to see the work of local artists and jewelers. We also got  fudge at one of the stands; I got a delicious hazelnut flavor, but we also tried a very… interesting fudge called “musk”. It tasted like a crayon and I do not recommend it. As the sun was setting, we got some more lovely views of the water.


We finished up our night by walking around and window shopping. We also got some Gelato… yum! Tomorrow we will go to an amusement park called Dreamworld that promises to be fun.

Here’s hoping that these beds don’t have bugs! Goodnight, mates!



One thought on “Gold Coast: Day 1

  1. Luisa-love your blog! You are such a good writer and photographer, I feel I am there with you! What wonderful experiences you are having. Glad you are taking advantage of all there is to see and do! Love, Aunt Janet

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