Traveler’s Log: Day 1

Today (Thursday) I finally arrived in Brisbane. Hooray! However, the day has had its share of things going wrong. My flight out of LA left an hour late, but the ride was actually quite pleasant. Two meals were served, I got to watch free TV and movies, and I mostly slept. However, once I got off the plane getting through customs proved to be its own challenge. While I had nothing to claim and had all of my paperwork in order, the process still managed to take just under two hours. The reason? Well, several international flights had just come in and about four Australian border agents were running the show. Needless to say, I was a little irritated. The redeeming quality about the wait was that I was sandwiched between two families in line, each with small children. I watched a little boy and a little girl (each about two) chase each other around. The boy kept referring to the girl as “baby” and even tried to kiss her. It was absolutley precious.

Once through customs, I was supposed to meet a chauffer who would bring me to where I would be living for the semester. BUT, since getting through customs had taken soooooooo long, they left without me. I called the company and they sent someone back for me (thankfully) but I had to wait a half hour for them to arrive. Luckily, airports have wifi.

By now it was 10am (my flight arrived at 7am) and I was finally at urbanest, the apartment complex for students. I proceeded to unpack, meet my roommates, shower, and return to a normal, calm state. The rooms here are awesome; I have a single room with a private bathroom, each very nicely furnished (see some pictures below!). I share a kitchen/lounge area with three other girls, all from Fairfield University. Later in the afternoon, my roommates and some girls that they are friendly with decided to go get some lunch. We ended up at a place that served “America” cuisine; I found it ironic that the first place we decided to go in a foreign country was American, but decided not to comment.

After a brief orientation to our apartment building and the surrounding area of Southern Bank we were finally granted the much sought after wifi password. I’m pretty sure the people running this place knew we wouldnt have gone to the orientation if they gave us the wifi code earlier in the day, but I digress. We apparently only have 10 GB of data to use a month, which may prove to be a challenge. I next attempted to set up my laptop to charge and wound up tripping a circuit in my room. After one global adaptor refused to work properly, I bought a second one from a vending machine in the lobby. That one likes to spark and pop whenever I plug someting into it; I think buying it from a vending machine should have been a clue. In the end, I’m able to charge everything BUT my laptop, so I guess I’ll have to buy ANOTHER adaptor and surge protector tomorrow at a real store.

Last in my list of grievences is my phone. While I have an Australian sim card, it doesnt seem to like my phone and won’t work. It may be because its still “locked” on verizon’s network, but who really knows. One more thing to add to tomorrow’s To Do list, I suppose.

The city is very beautiful and interesting and I can’t wait to explore it. There seems to be a lot to see, do, and eat here. I’m a little tired from travelling and if I stand still long enough I start to feel off balance, like I’m still on a plane. Hopefully that goes away tomorrow after a good nights sleep. Tomorrow, someone will take us to Australian Catholic University, where we will be studying. Its apparently a bit of a ride by train, so I guess we’ll see how much I’ll like commuting to school. I will also get to do some shopping and get the last of my needed supplies.

Until tomorrow, “mates”.







3 thoughts on “Traveler’s Log: Day 1

  1. So glad you got there safely. The room looks great, I’m sure you’ll work through all of those issues and have a great experience. Enjoy your new sights, sounds, friends, and places. Looking forward to hearing your voice. Know Mom and I miss you and love you very much.


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  2. Luisa, I share your family’s pride, and know you will set the bar incredibly high for all of us. You can be sure I will be following your exciting blog as you make memories that will last a lifetime. What an extraordinary opportunity to have such an awesome adventure. Always feel blessed and loved. Your cousin, Gail

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