The Last 24 Hours

The last 24 hours have been nothing but fun! Sunday afternoon was filled with a “last hoorah” beach trip to Hampton. The parents and I spent an hour looking for parking, but it was well worth the wait. Even though it was low tide, the water was the perfect temperature to beat the heat. We finished our evening with ice cream from Axels and fighting off the bugs while we stood in line.



I finished up my packing at 1 am and threw myself a party by going promptly to sleep. I was awoken to my favorite breakfast (corn muffin mix pancakes) and a few presents from mom (she’s the best).


Today we traveled into Boston. My flight leaves at 11am tomorrow, but I have to be there several hours early, so we are spending the night here. We were going to go to the Museum of Science, but I made a last minute decision that we should go to the Aquarium instead. By last minute, I mean that we arrived at the Aquarium stop on the T and I got off. Luckily, my parents followed suit.

The best part about the Aquarium was the central tank, which holds about 220,000 gallons of water. There were rays, eels, turtles, and sharks all living together with a multitude of other fish. We also saw an IMAX movie about sharks… mom is now more worried than ever about me going to Australia. Fortunately for me, I’m more likely to be killed falling out of bed than by a shark.


These penguins are the smallest of their species and are native to Australia and New Zealand. I'll have to look for some while I'm there!



We finished off our evening by going to Mike’s Pastry and waiting in line. I got a delicious piece of tiramisu. Gotta love the North End.


My plane will take off in T minus 12.5 hours, then the real adventure begins. Ciao for now!



One thought on “The Last 24 Hours

  1. Luisa, this is going to be fun! And beautiful – you inherited your great camera skills from your Mom, along with your vocal abilities (sorry, son). I’m looking forward to following your adventures! Love you, G’ma

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