Last Day at Riv

Today was bittersweet. I had my last day of work in the Housing Office on campus and said my last goodbyes to friends and collegues. Raz was super cool and gave me some money to spend in the “land down under” and we watched Jurassic Park instead of actually doing anything productive (we had to make sure that they new DVD worked, ok?). Day well spent.

I’ve spent the last few hours packing up my dorm room and watching Netflix. Its really lonely here with no one on campus, but mom and dad will be picking me up in the morning. I’ll be spending the rest of my weekend unpacking and repacking for my trip. Joy.

On a brighter note, the biochem class that I have been taking online since February is almost over! I got the grade back for my last assignment and am preparing to take my final while abroad. You have no idea how much I can’t wait to be DONE with this class!

T-minus 2.5 days until I leave. Its all starting to feel real! I promise that once I get to Australia this blog will become WAY more interesting. Hope that everyone enjoys their weekend, and thanks for reading.



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